Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Still Life with Sleeves, another Padded Jacket

The Costume Mercenary is constantly battling the limitations of her photography, and here we have a case of trying to fit a large-sized gambeson (also known as the other padded jacket) on a medium-sized man. Also, we learnt that trying to lace on sleeves in the cold with numb, shivering fingers is a poor plan.

The model looks like he stole his father's arming jacket that really doesn't fit, but it almost gives it a sort of farm-boy-with-destiny charm. Almost. Sort of. Well, if you squint a lot.

The gambeson is made from a brown fake suede and padded with cotton, lined with black linen. It has many brass-coloured eyelets for the purposes of lacing on of the sleeves (pictured separately). It's machine-washable and given that one can wear this under chainmail, this could get very dirty.

We're thinking of adding another row of lacing to the back and possibly thicker padding, though it is really very warm now. That said, only a small number of events happen during the height of summer.

Here it is being worn over another of the prototypes, the elven tunic.

More photos under the cut.

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