Monday, 18 January 2010

The Firebird Cloak

This red cloak, named rather pretentiously the "Firebird," is one of the many prototype cloaks. In design, it is much like the many anti-choke equipped cloaks and will sit open on the wearer.

It's made of a relatively cheap angora-wool blend and lined with black polyester brocade patterned with as though with peacock feathers. The angora-wool blend is comparatively long-haired, which makes it beautifully soft but it does mean one will have stroke it to make the grain looks neat.

The whole cloak came from the beautifully detailed "firebird" trim. The designer and I impulse bought the last thirty yards of it in the shop. Ideas for a flaming red firebird-themed dress to go with it is still the works, but beyond that whim, the Costume Mercenary has been wondering if the world would buy red and black Firebird Cloaks. The designer thinks that it would look much better on a black cloak with a red a lining instead. What do you think?

The cloak is worn over a green velvet dress. It has it's own post, here, where there are more photos of it and the cloak.

The Firebird Cloak is available at Character Kit for £120. If you would like to commission one like it, there is just about enough firebird trim for five cloaks and no more. Contact the Mercenary for a quote if you are inspired.

More photos of the cloak under the cut.

The cloak pictured has the trim upside down running down one side of the cloak. A ridiculous (and frankly embarrassing) oversight that has since been rectified. It took us far, far too long to notice and really, the Mercenary would rather not dwell on the subject.

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