Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Green and Purple Brocade Riding Gown

This riding jacket is made of a heavy cotton brocade, lined in a thick black stretch silk (which gives the jacket some weight and stiffness). It has rose-shaped buttons made of a brass-coloured alloy. In terms of design and shape, it's based very much on Katrina's Riding Gown from the film, Sleepy Hollow and from that loosely Georgian. The back of the coat-gown hasn't been pulled up in these shots, but the effect could hopefully be imagined. This arguably allows you to see the deep pleats of the back better.

The riding jacket being worn over a high-waisted linen dress (mostly because the colours are toning beautifully rather than any proximity in era - it is in theory has pretensions of being a regency gown but we should just gloss over that).

Loretta also happens to be attempting Georgian hair after a hairdresser with '80s aspirations has been at it with way too much hairspray. Considering she's standing in front of a neo-Victorian iron gate really makes this photo one of the most historical mishmashes the Mercenary has made to date (even more so that the one where she's wearing a Tudorbethan dress in front of a neoclassical  column).

A clockwork pocketwatch is worn with the outfit. Soon to be available at Character Kit.

To commission a similar coat from the Mercenary would cost something in the region of £40-50, depending on fabrics and customisation and other such. The whole outfit would together cost something in the region of £70-80. For further enquiries, email her.

More photos under the cut.

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