Commissions and How They Work

To commission something from the Costume Mercenary, simply email her with a description of what you want. This may be something based on an existing design, a version of something on the website or something completely original. You can equally email me with character concepts and we can develop a costume together. You will be then be given a quote and sketches of what I think you want made. Once you are happy with the design, you are expected to pay a third of the price as a deposit before we start work.

Throughout the design process, you can expect to get periodic updates and photos of the materials. You'll get photos of materials to chose from, samples of trim or brocade patter. Also, it's okay to change your mind.

Currently, we've sadly shut down custom work for the year (giving the rented workshop back to the normal fashion world) focus on selling all the stock that the capital has become and won't be resuming production until November. Do put in orders before that and we can get the design ball rolling if you're intrigued by anything on the website, but the earliest we can ship things is November 2012.

All commission enquires to: costumemercenary (a)

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