Monday, 10 September 2012

The Mercenary on Silver Goggles and Other Rambles

For those who like reading me talk about steampunk, costumes, character, the design process and larp, I've been interviewed by the very interesting and thoughtful Jha at Silver Goggles. I've probably written far too many words, but the internet seems to encourage that sort of thing given the lack of word limits.

Other times I've written about these things include:
Water Palace and Other Places: Oriental Steampunk Inspiration which is an illustrated ramble on varous ricepunk ideas.
Steampunk: What the Mercenary Means which is a lengthy, lengthy discussion of the different layers of the word steampunk when I use it with regard to costumes and talk probably too much about the design process.

I talk more about ricepunk in Asian-influenced Steampunk and other pictures of that day can be found under the tag ricepunk.

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