Monday, 21 June 2010

Prototype: The Original, Original Elven Robes

Nerd East, by all accounts (including mine), went splendidly. There is talk of having another as the Designer and others were high off the success of this one. I have photos taken at the event and will likely be rambling about the event in the near future post.

But that is another day, today, I'm posting the first of the huge number of photos taken last week.

Both layers outft is made from a crisp bridal satin and are unlined. The lilac robe features the leaf-like sleeves. It is fastened with a long zip down the back. The coat with hanging sleeves worn over the robe is a silver-grey and is fastened with knot-buttons down the front. The satin is very soft and flows beautifully. There is a photo of just the lilac robe under the cut.

The colours are meant to be evocative of the cinematic twilight that elves are often seen in. Not real twilight, of course, but the misty, blue-tinted haze that is cinematic twilight.

This is based loosely on Arwen's Battle Outfit that was cut from The Two Towers. It has a lot in common with the Original Elven Coat, as it almost the same design, however, instead of faux suede and linen, these robes are made of bridal satin.

The Mercenary does have more ideas for elven designs. Which probably isn't the most convincing statement at the moment given the reiteration of these particular design elements.

If you want to commission a set of robes in similar materials from the Costume Mercenary would cost in the region of £90-100. However, if you want to buy this particular prototype set off me (the model is a UK size 10, but it can be loose or tight-fitting one size each side), it would cost £75. Email the Mercenary for more details.

More photos under the cut.

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