Friday, 25 June 2010

Revenge of the Steampunk Coat: Green Prototype

Back at Foreign Fields Kit Fair, some months ago, I sold a coat off the Proprietor's back and in return, I promised to get him a new Steampunk Coat. And so it was, he commissioned a Green Steampunk Coat as a prototype.

The Green Steampunk Coat is almost exactly like the Red and the Blue in construction. It shares the same cotton velvet, though this time in a dark forest green with a matching faux silk lining. The gilt-and-sap-green jacquard trim bears a geometric design. The contrast fabric is a brown faux suede and the detailing is in brass. The coat bears the iconic cog-and-screw buttons of the Steampunk line.

The Proprietor firmly believes that no one should ever wear the Steampunk Coat done up due to its innately fiddly nature and its robe-like qualities when done up. He is wearing the coat with a black steampunk shirt (with gunmetal grey buckles) and a utility belt made of the same soft faux suede as the coat (which is in some ways rather unideal for the belt, but that is a different matter).

The Steampunk Coat is currently in stock at Character Kit in Red and Blue. For one in custom colours like this one (or purple, black, brown, etc), email the Costume Mercenary for more details.

More photos under the cut.

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