Thursday, 24 June 2010

Robe or Dress? Photos from the Armoury Tidy

It's been a very long day sorting out Treasure Trap's Armoury (it's where we keep all the set-dressing, jewellery, costume and weapons).

We played many, many rounds of Robe or Dress? The definitive test was, apparently, imagining the Wardrobe Officer (a ginger man with a bushy beard, last seen in a bug mask here) in it. If the mental images elicits any more than a smile, then it is not a robe, but a dress. We briefly thought it would be a highly entertaining flash game in which bored interweb denizens can click Robe or Dress, a bit like the classic Hot or Not websites but more garment based and intrinsic comedic potential.

Many random objects of unknown providence were again rediscovered. Among them was the phys-rep for a purple demonic wall, leather knee armour, a pumpkin costume and a black lacy poncho. During which we also concluded that fake beards counted as hats and the society as a whole had too many sashes. We also found fragments of an inscribed foam tablet that drove us all mad as we tried to reassemble and read it (there were many missing pieces).

All in all, it was terrifyingly productive and now there's actually some space for the Mercenary's stock.

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