Costumes For Empire

For the Glory of Dawn"Dawn is the land of valour; the classical images of gleaming plate, of brightly coloured banners and traditional heraldic devices provide the imagery for the nation. Where the Marches is gritty and down to earth, Dawn is the opposite in glowing primary colours. There is a sumptuous nature to the materials and tones used, idealistic in design instead of practical. Arthurian, pre-raphaelite and the neo-medievalism movements all provide strong themes and forms to the nation."

Knight of the Swan Surcoat Cavalry Plate Armour Velvet Elven Gown Ten-Gore Cotehardie Waterhouse "Miranda" Kirtle

Freeborn (aka The Brass Coast)

The Colours of the Brass Coast"The Brass Coast offers a chance to create some flamboyant and really expressive costumes. The Freeborn attitude to life is all about individuality, passion and luxury, and this is expressed best through their dress. Success is measured in wealth, and what better way to demonstrate that wealth than by wearing it openly? Fine fabrics like silks and brocades are perfect for the Brass Coast, and no Freeborn costume would be complete without plenty of jewellery."

Carthaginian Philosopher Suede Coat and Robes

Highborn (aka Highguard)

The Lone Shield of Highguard"The Highborn look is generally practical and restrained. Its beauty is in both the small touches – the geometric trim on the robes, the exquisite jewellery. Colours are deliberately stark and contrasting, and outfits in black and white are commonplace. Many members of a chapter choose to adopt similar garb, with the symbol of their chapter displayed prominently on the chest, shoulders, or at the breast. This is particularly true for Highborn warriors who show their solidarity and loyalty with their fellows by marching into battle decked in identical garb."


"The League is urban. The influences come from the Italian city states, the Hanseatic league, and Prague, as well as classic fantasy cities. This is a nation ruled by powerful guilds, and while there are poor people the cities are well maintained and are very different to the shambolic chaos of a Port Blacksand or even a Lankhmar.
The League is rich. Fine fabrics showing the wealth and style of merchant-princes. Rich silks in the south and fur trim for the northern cities of Temeswar and Holberg. It is opulent not ostentatious, a purposeful show of wealth and power."



The Whetting of the Marchers"The Marches draws strongly on English history from the 12th century through to the War of the Roses for costume, weaponry and armour.
"The costume of the Marches has a 'solidity' to it, a worn, lived-in look that contrasts with its neighbour Dawn's high romance, gleaming plate and vivid hues. The Marches is Kenneth Brannagh’s Henry V rather than Laurence Olivier’s."

The Whetting of the Marchers The Whetting of the Marchers Buckled Gambeson Laced Gambeson Laced Gambeson


The Steps of Navarr's Great Dance"The Navarr are a practical people and their clothes reflect this. They prefer hard wearing clothes that will survive heavy use in the woods, and colours that withstand the mud and rain. Patched and mended fabrics will be seen in many clothes, as worn and ripped clothes are mended 'on the go'. Layered clothes are common, so that outfits be easily changed no matter the weather. Large cloaks that can be used as blankets are common. Belts are also used by most Navarri, both for keeping their clothes pulled back away from branches and brambles, and for carrying their kit."

The Steps of Navarr's Great Dance The Steps of Navarr's Great Dance The Steps of Navarr's Great Dance The Steps of Navarr's Great Dance Elven Robes
Hooded Elven Coat Forest Cloak Feathered Mantle


The Dreaming Spires of Urizen"The Urizen look draws heavily on classic fantasy images of high elves and wizards. The colours are primarily a wide range of light pastel shades but strong dark colours like midnight blue or blood red can be appropriate for the right character.
"Robes are worn long and draped over the body with layers of different materials in complementary shades. The materials themselves are usually plain, the most common decoration is complex embroidery of looping spirals. Materials suggest a refined, elegant people - linen and silk."

The Dreaming Spires of Urizen The Dreaming Spires of Urizen The Dreaming Spires of Urizen The Dreaming Spires of Urizen The Dreaming Spires of Urizen
The Dreaming Spires of Urizen The Dreaming Spires of Urizen   


Against the Monsters of Varushka"Varushkans' grim outlook on life is contrasted by their clothes, which are beautiful, bright and warm. Perhaps as a remedy to the cold and dark of their lands, they take great pride in intricately embroidered shirts, richly coloured trousers and warm fur trim on coats and hats.
"Varushka is primarily influenced by Rus and Slavic costume and players can draw heavily from these sources for their costumes. The traditional Slavic white shirt or dress with red embroidery at the hem is a favourite for Varushkans, and the Rus trousers, hats and wrap over coats provide inspiration for the rest of the nation."

Against the Monsters of Varushka Against the Monsters of Varushka

Three Tears Entwined"Women and men, young and old are always ready to protect their home, family and the empire. Costume should reflect this. Wealthy men may display their fortune in richer fabrics, decorative borders, beautiful armour and longer tunics but these things will not grant them respect. Similarly women may wear longer fuller skirts or tight fitting kirtles but they should always be able to kill two orcs before breakfast whilst wearing them."

Three Tears Entwined Three Tears Entwined Three Tears Entwined Three Tears Entwined Three Tears Entwined 

Imperial Orcs
still unreleased

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