Thursday, 21 January 2010

Within a Different Forest: The Elven Range

The Elven Coat show its incredibly manly side. For all the frolicking in banyan trees, they've only been worn by a female model (well, erm, me) and I've always felt that the argument of asking a man to buy clothes only pictured on a woman is a rather unconvincing one, as feminine and poncy as elves allegedly are.

Here follows a collection of photos showing the Elven Range in all its dubious glory.

The yellow (or gold, if we're feeling pretentious) version of the robe was meant to reflect a sort of High Elf aesthetic, who dwell in elegant stone cities instead of the wilderness (ala wood elves) and use a more white-and-gold palette when it comes to colour. Though it may have its merits (the cream-and-yellow ivy trim is really quite nice and mirrors the trim that edges the Forest Cloak) the yellow robe is rather inferior to the green. Both are constructed from fake suede, but the yellow is made from a stiffer sort, thus making the sleeves slightly more of an irritation to handle. In the green, the sleeves will fall pleasingly whereas in the yellow, the stiffness translates to a constant need to rearrange your sleeves in a photoshoot.

The elven garments are sized rather larger than normal, so those interested in buying are warned to read the measurements carefully.

These photos are taken in merry old England and as said in the behind-the-scenes post, the day was really very counterproductively overcast. The colours on the other photos are far more vivid not because the ensemble instantly becomes so when worn by someone in the possession of ovaries, but rather due to the location and timing of the photoshoot.

More photos under the cut.

Update: The Forest Cloak and the Elven Coat (in both Gold and Green) are now available from Character Kit.

The Forest Cloak, however, is really quite nice. It's actually made it onto the Character Kit website, so you can actually buy it there. The site is probably getting rehauled in a few days and with the Unconventional Market this weekend, things might get delayed again.

(Update: the Elven Robe, costing £75.00, is now available for purchase in green, here. Only one small and one medium are currently in stock, but more are coming soon.)

This is the lining of the Forest Cloak taken with a flash. The version without is utterly pathetic, this at least recognisably echoes reality.

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