Thursday, 21 January 2010

Prototype: Necromancers and Roses

I really didn't to want to call this the "Necromancer's Cloak", but there's really quite hard not to, given the only photos of it in existence at the moment are slightly blurry and show this rather dodgy looking man standing by some gravestones on a rather dark, misty day. It is hard not to leap to the conclusion that this man is summoning the dead for nefarious purposes of some sort.

The cloak is made of a black, thick wool-linen blend. It has some rose-shaped metal buttons down the front. It's lined with a silver paisley-patterned brocade (see earlier confession on the subject). The cloak also has two armholes, which makes it able to act as a sort of primitive robe.

It's quite a tight cloak, not nearly as voluminous as other available through the Mercenary and thus is more suitable for those with narrower shoulders (or not wearing huge shoulder armour).

This is also a cloak with pockets. There are two and whilst not huge, they are structured like hidden pockets on coats. Surely a cloak with the capacity of further concealment has to be up to something.

What do you think? What could a man dressed like this be doing in a graveyard at dusk?

A few more photos under the cut.

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