Monday, 18 January 2010

A Simple Purple Cloak

The Purple Cloak (also known as the "Drow" or "Black Rose" cloak) was designed, much like the other cloaks the Costume Mercenary peddles, with the anti-choke feature: the cloak is fitted to the shoulders and therefore allowing it to not be pulled backwards my its own weight or when snared on stray brambles. It sits securly on the shoulders and will fit over armour.

This hooded cloak is made of a thick black wool-linen blend and it is lined in purple stretch silk. It is trimmed in black jacquard trim, very subtly patterned with rose. It is fastened with a gunmetal grey buckle.

The whole thing should be machine washable.
The cloak is seen here worn by an adventurer in a black frilly shirt. It's also seen worn by a lady over a dark grey Victorian-esque dress (more photos of it and the cloak here).

This cloak is available at Character Kit for £75.00 as the Black Rose Cloak.

More photos of it under the cut.

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