Saturday, 31 July 2010

Six Variations on Gambesons, Part 1

The gambesons (also known as arming jacks, aketons or padded jackets) were designed to look good under armour and on their own. As shown in the photos, they can be worn without the sleeves for a different effect. A wide range of colours are available in stock (see under the cut). Full reflections on this photoshoot another day, I'm still a little tired from visiting the breathtakingly awesome Warkworth Castle (where of course the opportunity for photos was pounced upon).

Do enquire if you fancy something in a different colour or size).

The gambesons are available at Character Kit at £60. The sword seen in these photos is (anachronistically) Character Kit's new Chinese Jian.

Photos of the gambesons under the cut.

Black faux suede, black lining, dark silver eyelets:

Dark blue, black lining, brass eyelets:

Dark purple, black lining, dark silver eyelets (shown without sleeves, but comes with sleeves):

Camouflage green, dark brown lining, brass eyelets:

Thistle-grey, dark brown lining, brass eyelets:

Brown, brown lining, brass eyelets:

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