Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Devil in the Red Dress: Pearls and Roses

This red silk gown with freshwater pearl and ribbon rose detailing is actually one of the Designer's favourite dresses. The bodice is made from scarlet silk velvet. The skirt and sleeves are china silk, the latter with a silk chiffon ruffle.

It's one of the rather more early efforts, and to me, it does show. The gown itself is extremely basic in construction. It is fastened with a zip under the arm. Even the Designer concedes that the line and silhouette of it leaves a lot to be desired. The sleeves could do with more pleats and the skirt could do with being rather less narrow (we ran out of silk, actually).

The dress was rather underwhelming before the detailing was added to the bodice, which rather lifted the entire garment. In some ways this gown is a demonstration of the Designer's motto of the devil being in the details. The combining of different textures of fabric in a similar colour in one dress wasn't interesting enough in and of itself. Viewing the finished dress, he suggested the addition of the pearls along the collar and down the bodice, punctuated by white and red ribbon roses.

The gown is worn over a white cotton chemise, the sleeve of which is visible.

To commission a similar dress from the Costume Mercenary, complete with freshwater pearls, would cost in the region of £150.

More photos of the red silk gown under the cut.

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