Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Facebook Presence and the Origin Story

We now have a facebook page.

No, I'm not proud of it.

It's all rather sordid and self-promotional, starting a facebook page. Especially when it came to clicking to like myself.

Looking back, there was a chance you could instead be liking something else entirely. When this all started, the Designer and I batted around a number of rather more pretentious and stupid names, including "Robeland" (too cheap), "the Clockwork Catalogue" (inadequate and unrepresentative), "Sketchbook" (too generic), "The Lucky Wardrobe" (fumbled attempt at C S Lewis reference), "Flights" (too abstract), "Ambitious Beauty" (comes from a literal translation of my Chinese name - but again, too abstract). But as the header of this page testifies, they all fell by the wayside in favour of one that needs no rambling explanation.

Long story short, you can go like the Costume Mercenary on facebook.

(Oh, and the photo is from the infamously bad professional photoshoot that google seems to think is representative of this site.)

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