Thursday, 29 July 2010

Preview: Cathedrals, Gambesons and Robes

Many things were accomplished today as Laced Gambesons of many colours were photographed on the Proprietor as were the results of my dabbling in Odyssey costumes (available soon from Character Kit).

(The photo to the left of the Proprietor in a red and black linen robe is captioned: Watching the Sunset with Beloved Column.)

Various mildly amusing incidents of note include: eating lunch to the eerie, ethereal choir of the Treasures of St Cutherbert exhibit at the Cathedral; the Proprietor feeling far too naked in the blue chiton; learning that Egyptians had to do their moving for them; far too much pillar-hugging; and, a priest materialising in a black robe the moment we started doing shots of a similar (but less ornate) black robe.

The two main locations we used today was the Durham Light Infantry Memorial Garden and the riverside Greek temple known as "Count's House." It was an ornamental folly built for Józef Boruwłaski, the Little Count, a Polish midget violinist in the eighteenth century.

(The photo to the right is captioned: Angry Woman in Gambeson About to Launch into a Highland Charge at Camera.)

Elsewhere in the land of anecdotes, I was playing "stick-monkey" to the Pillywiggin's archaeological survey of Durham Cathedral's Deanery (not pictured) in between lacing the Proprietor into arming jacks, standing in front neo-classical columns and wandering around the cathedral itself. My task mostly just to stand with a stick (read: prism) and to keep it level as the Archaeologist zapped it with the magic-survey-box-thing-named-Elliot (after T. S., "Total Station"). We ran out of synonyms for "ready?" and "level" quite quickly.

Also, the Laced Gambesons are now available from Character Kit in six colours (Black, Brown, Camouflage green, Dark Blue, Dark Purple and Thistle-grey) and two sizes (M, L).

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