Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Adventurer's Cloak

This cloak has been known as many things and as previously lamented about the writing of product descriptions, the Costume Mercenary is not really that good at thinking up snazzy names for what she sells. (This is where I beg the good readers for their wit and patience.)

Way back when the trim was first found languishing on the shelves of the Way of Flying Dragon (a manufacturer of jacquard trim, velvet ribbon and assorted other haberdasheries - not, as the name might suggest, a secret martial arts sect), the cloak was conceived and jokingly called the "Bling" cloak, due to the excessively wide and opulent-seeming nature of the trim. The Designer and myself were assured that it makes very fine curtains, handbags and cushion borders (c.f. rule #3: All good kit is made of curtains).

(Incidentally, the above photo has had a bollard photoshopped out of it. After a period of protracted agonizing over the issue, the Mercenary finally caved and removed the offending reminder of modernity from the picture.)

The Regal Cloak (its other name) is made of a thick black wool-linen blend and is lined in a polyester brocade. As evidenced in the photos, there are two variants: one lined in dark red ("wine") and the other in a light yellow ("gold").

There was an excessive amount of debate over the lining and in the end the Designer and the Mercenary compromised with having three in the yellow and two in the red. Both are pictured here in the following rather excessive array of photos.

It has been remarked upon that in order to show continuously show off the lining of the cloak, one would have to constantly be gesticulating wildly with one's arms (preferably pointing dramatically).

Like all the other cloaks, the Noble's Cloak (it's other other name) is fitted to the shoulders and designed to not choke the wearer with its weight (a full one-and-a-half kilos - this is not a flimsy cloak). It features a swirly, ornate buckle and a tight-fitting hood.

The cloak of many silly names is available at Character Kit for £95.00, lined both in red and gold.

More photos under the cut.

Detail of the Wine-Coloured lining, taken outdoors, in sunlight.

In the above photos, the cloak is worn with the steampunk shirt prototype. The dark red variant is worn with the purple polonaise.

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