Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Prototype: Steampunk Shirt

The Steampunk Shirt was inspired in no small part by the artwork in Girl Genius (but more on influences and inspirations another post). There are many, many frilly shirts availiable, but not many with the essential steampunk fastening: the buckle.

As with the Steampunk Coat and the Elven Robes, this shirt was designed for a man and modelled here on woman (erm, me) for no other reason than there wasn't one conveniently available at the time. It cannot be said to fit me, but I suppose I could claim that I'm going to the dropped-shoulder-baggy-shirt look that Elizabeth Swann sports whenever not in gorgeous dresses. But that would be a lie.

We decided on black linen, black fake suede and small gunmetal grey buckles. The linen of this shirt is rather too stiff and sheer for this and we're hoping that it'll soften out in the wash, so that less imagination is required for seeing how it's hang.

The effect of the ruffles is a tad strange and it's not exactly how the designer envisioned it to turn out. It was supposed to be much wider and resembling the ruffles on other frilly shirts of this sort.There were originally three buckles on the cuff, by the worry of weight and clutter had us reduce it two. It seems a little empty now and we do think three buckles would be superior.

The coat seen at the top of the post is (somewhat obviously) the Steampunk Coat, the costume mercenary's pride and joy, and is available for purchase here, more sizes and colours. at The cloak (with the golden brocade lining) will be available at Character Kit by the end of January.

So, what do you think? That it would look better on a man aside, any opinions, suggestions for improvement and witty incisive mockery?


  1. I actually like the two buckle look. Three might draw too much attention back down to the sleeves and away from the buckles at the top. All of your stuff looks lovely, though.

  2. I Love this shirt! It's gorgeous =D I'm a big steampunker, tho more on the writing side, and am working on a novel as we speak. But currently I'm big into fulling my closet with wonderful pieces, and of all the steampunk shirts I've seen in countless hours of looking, This has to be my favorite. Wonderful work!!!


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