Monday, 21 December 2009

The Steampunk Coat

The Steampunk Coat is described on the Character Kit website as such:
This dashing yet practical coat is made in a dark cotton velvet and black faux-suede. It is lined in functional faux-silk and edged in ornately patterned jacquard trim and many metallic eyelets. It fastens with metallic buttons and many buckles. It has two hidden pockets and two visible ones as well as two black faux-suede pockets which are fastened with a button. It has a multitude D-rings, tool-loops and pouches, for attaching gadgets, storing bottles or keeping other useful items in. The sleeves and the bottom of coat can also be buckled safely out of the way of particularly messy work. It has two belt loops so your usual belt can be fastened around the waist.

Addendum: Currently only available in Medium Red and Brass with Screw-Cog Buttons. More sizes, colours and styles coming soon.

WARNING: Has been known to induce the desire to cackle maniacally. Ideal for gentle-person inventors, alchemists, mad scientists, and tech-priests.

There really isn't much more to add to that.

The coat was originally designed for the male gender in mind, but as is evidenced by the photographs, a lot can be said of the Machine Cult's ability to transcend gender.

Cotton velvet is quite stiff and whilst it does hold together nicely for the purposes of hanging things (important pens and pocket watches and cogs) off it, I am tempted to experiment with a version of it with a thicker velvet and perhaps a brocade lining.

As can probably be guessed from the sheer number of buttons and buckles, the coat is very fiddly to do up.

Since the original Steampunk Coat was born of a particular button (see previous post) it seems a little strange to be doing a photoshoot with the new coats. The red coat modelled by the woman (erm, well, me) has gracing it the "new" steampunk button that doesn't have the cog-and-screw button. Short of getting a whole thirty gross of them made in a custom job, Hong Kong is complete out of cog-and-screw buttons. The new replacement button is of a slightly darker brass than the rest of the fittings, but overall the effect isn't particularly noticeable in a negative way.

Unfortunately, the shipment of pocket watches didn't arrive in time to make an appearance in the newer photos as an accessory. They're being picked up tomorrow and may well be photographed shortly thereafter.

Likewise with the production on the blue-and-silver coats. They should be back by the end of next week, but optimism, is as always, a dangerous thing.

The Steampunk Coat can be purchased at Character Kit, both in red and blue; Please email for custom sizing and colours.

Many, many more photos under the cut.


  1. My word that's a fantastic coat collection, delightful talent.

  2. It's 180quid, click over to Character Kit to buy one.


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