Saturday, 19 December 2009

Preview: 1881 Heritage

Today was one of frantic photo-taking before the light went. The big red bag came in handy again and all the painstakingly steamed garments were bundled in and wheeled around the proverbial concrete jungle of Hong Kong. Negotiating the rabbit warren that is the MTR is by no means a rewarding experience with a huge bag full of kit. 

The scene is
1881 Heritage, a hotel-and-shopping-complex built around and in the Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound, Tsim Sha Tsui. It's really not an unattractive location and we were by no means the only people who had noticed this fact. There were at least half a dozen couples who having their wedding photos taken there. Not to mention some lovely people with neo-coloured wigs, a handful of robe-clad graduates and costumed promoters (who took posed with tourists and acted as human signposts to the toilets). 

The end result was that the crowds were very well trained when it came to dodging cameras and we looked in no way out of place.

Christmas has come to 1881 and the new decorations were more than a slight barrier to good photography. I'm not sure it's possible to describe the giant Christmas tree baubles and the huge glittery white trees.

The fake moss on one of the displays found Loretta's bag ridiculously attractive and clung to it for dear life. This was amusing for no good reason and here is a photo to prove that.

There are, seemingly, a hundred and one photographs from today's excursion to wade through but I thought I'd post a couple of them first. 

Many, many of the photographs are overexposed and have intruding upon them various mundane objects like brooms and escalators and light fittings.

The elven robes (in gold and in green) are intended for a male figure and even the small was huge on me. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the overall effect is not flattering, but for the curious, it's a quick glimpse at what the outfit would be like. (There will be some rather shameless Arwen-impressions forthcoming.)

There were more photos of the Forest Cloak, this time worn with the elven robe in some kind of ensemble. To be honest, the colours don't all tone as well as they could, but the effect is still striking. 

Also among the photographed costumes was the black velvet ridingote which isn't particularly historically accurate, a dark blue "Tudorbethan" dress and a black wool cloak with a cape over the shoulders.

There are also a handful of the padded jacket prototype in natural light.

Tomorrow looks to be another day of photography and gallivanting. The reversible cloak has yet to see the light of day.

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