Monday, 28 December 2009

The Reversible Cloak

There isn't much to be said about the Reversible Cloak beyond the fact it's reversible. That's pretty much it.

Other details include that it's chocolate brown wool on one side and a black linen on the other. It has a black-and-brown trim going down both sides. It ties to the back with long, wide ties. It also features a hood.

I could harp on some more about how you could turn it around and voila, new character, but it's really not that complicated.
The whole cloak was basically designed around the black and brown trim (closeup coming soon). We found it in Lucky Weaving along with a whole lot of other dual-coloured (including a lime green and tangerine) trim. It was rather understated, but as we talked, the idea of a reversible cloak for the practical adventurer came about. The conceit of it being that the two main colours any character wore was black and brown, so a cloak that featured both should be exceptionally versatile.

It was originally meant to have wool on both sides, but that turned out to be rather too thick and (rather importantly) too weighty in price.

Due to the fact that it's reversible, a buckled wouldn't work as a fastening and after much discussion (and a very brief consideration of the standard strangulation-causing ties) we settled on two long cloth sashes that can be tied behind the back. This ensures that the cloak will not choke the wearer. (It may be rather obvious now that the Mercenary has had some rather unpleasant experiences with cloaks in her past.)

The following photos were taken in Central, more about the photoshoot here. Other garments photographed that day include the Steampunk Coat and the Blue Tudorbethan Dress.

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