Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Original Steampunk Coat

This is in many ways, the story of a button.

The buttons which we stumbled upon in Sham Shui Po that winter (almost a year ago now) was very much the source of the inspiration.

The Steampunk Coat went through various paper incarnations and two prototypes, but in essence it was a coat built around this brass button.

The first sketch of the coat I managed to dig out of an old, rather knackered notebook. It's drawn with many of the features that the coat doesn't now come with, like the two pocket watches. The elbow patches never made it past this sketch to even the first prototype. Many of the more fiddly aspects also got dropped, as well as the original colour scheme.


  1. Hey, i've fallen in love with those buttons and can't find them anywhere! Do you know where i'd be able to buy 6 of them? Kind regards, Miss Turner.

  2. You can email me and I can send you some over the post? I had to do a custom run for them in the end, so I'm not surprised you can't find them.

  3. Ditto! Daughter's FRC Team (The Cyborgs) challenge this year is Steampunk and I'd LOVE to buy buttons for the team to work into their outfits somehow.
    Please let me know if I may buy about 50 (so the mentors may have one too!)
    Thanks Herds,

    1. You can contact me through our team website or


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