Thursday, 31 December 2009

Prototype: Elven Tunic

Yet another blurry photo.

This is the Elven Tunic, and to be honest, I'm not sure it turned out quite right. In the balance of Elven to Chinese, I suspect this one went a little too much in the latter's direction. As often observed before, a lot of Elven clothing (such as in Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Lord of the Rings) draws from oriental, and specifically Chinese design elements.

The tunic is made of a cream linen silk (the fabric is paradoxically soft and with a rough grain) and lined with a dark brown linen. The leaf-shaped buttons are hewn from coconut. The garment is trimmed with thin leather braiding. The slits at the side are also decorated with the leaf-shaped buttons.

What do you make of it, dear reader? Not elven enough? Coconut totally not an elven material? Elves shouldn't wear anything with an obvious grain?

Here is a close up of the collar and the buttons.

I suspect the garment will work quite well with the elven robes and cloak, when worn as some sort of (dare I use the word?) "deluxe" elven ensemble. As long as the colours tone, which isn't necessarily likely since creams and yellows are capable of clashing. Perhaps we could have some photos of it all together next to a wall tree at some point. Perhaps we could even find a conveniently located specimen of the males species to model it on.

So... what improvements would you suggest?

Updated to Add: The Elven Tunic has been since used in a number of photoshoots, though usually not as the centrepiece. It can be seen worn under the Elven Coat/Robe in The Elven Robes Once More and again but on a man here. It can also be seen under the laced gambeson in Still Life with Sleeves.


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  2. I think it looks great!

    Do you ahve any pictures of it worn by a person? And in combination with trousers? Just to get a better impression.

  3. Thank you!

    I do indeed have pictures of it worn, but mostly under other kit. It's worn under the Elven Coat/Robe in "The Elven Robes Once More" and same again but on a man in "Within a Different Forest". It can also be seen in "Still Life with Sleeves". (Amended bottom of post with actual links - comments box seems suspicious of them.)

  4. I can send you some pics of it worn once its done being re sized ^^. I bought it and intend to use it for my Elvan themed wedding. It is an excellent quality garment. The only improvements would be to use better snaps or buttons instead the 7 or so tinny snaps are quite difficult to fasten by yourself. They tend to come undone when you move to much. Other than that it fits well and looks amazing.
    I was wondering if you still had some of the material left. I would really like a pair of matching pants to go with it. You can reply to this post or send me an e-mail at

  5. Possibly a contender for Urizen (Empire) costume?

    1. It doesn't appear in the Urizen shoot, but yes, I would think it works quite well.

  6. what price would it be sold at


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