Friday, 5 February 2010

Prototype: The Steampunk Dress

The Steampunk Dress is something of a bastard-hybrid between an apron, a dress, dungarees and a skirt. The Designer (shadowy, elusive and refusing to be photographed) was playing around with ideas from the Steampunk Coat and the consequent rather gothic-seeming skirt, when he came up with this.

The model (and now owner of the dress), Gracewing said that she felt "very Girl Genius", referring of course, to the gaslamp fantasy comic of the same name. The colours are decidedly reminiscent and by pure chance, Gracewing's current hair colour is also correct.

The Steampunk Dress is made from brown faux suede (the apron and all the straps) and a thick green wool (the skirt part). The Dress is actually missing one buttonhole (its only buttonhole, in fact) on the left pocket.

Like the Steampunk Coat, there are brass d-rings and pockets and test-tube holders aplenty. Unlike the Steampunk Skirt prototype, the straps to bustle up the skirt works.

The Steampunk Dress has a number of fastenings, including a hidden zip under the arm and a row of small brass buckles down the back. The shoulder straps are also adjustable.

The Steampunk Dress is pictured worn over a mildly-frilly white linen shirt with brass buttons with have mock-screws on them (a prototype in its own right, but not really exciting enough to merit its own post currently).

Gracewing is also wearing Emily's goggles (made from beer cans - more about them in an upcoming post) and bracelets made from brass chaimail links.

These photos were among the last to be taken on that light-lacking day, which means they are less attractive than the rest. The cold was starting to get to us all and the dwindling light meant longer exposure times (and a greater chance of the photographer's hands shaking.)

The Steampunk Dress has already been sold, but you can commission a similar one from the Mercenary for £130.

Incidentally (and perhaps unsurprisingly), the daggers glimpsed in the photos are the Elven Daggers, available at Character Kit.

More photos under the cut.

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