Sunday, 21 February 2010

Shades of Red

Just had a rather Ffordian moment: as all the men of the household gathered around the computer screen squinting at the colour swatches on wikipedia and trying to determine precisely which shade of red the Red Rose Coat is.

Our enigmatic Designer was reading my post on the Red Rose Coat and told me in no uncertain terms, that no matter how much I liked the idea of the coat being rose-coloured and possessing rose-buttons, the former simply wasn't true. There followed a long and vehement debate around the exact colour of the coat, halfway through which, the Designer stormed off to retrieve said garment.

After more squinting, more pointing and lots of holding-things-to-the-light, we have concluded that the garment is maroon.



  1. You could always argue that a maroon coat absorbs all light but that which it reflects, that we perceive it as maroon. Therefore the last thing a maroon Red Rose Coat is, is maroon.

    I'm sure I picked that argument up from a Pratchett novel at some point.

  2. The headache that ensues is a familiar feeling so Pratchett is likely. Been listening to "Good Omens" on audiobook when sketching and am greatly amused. Pratchett is splendid.

  3. might not apply to this problem...


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