Friday, 19 February 2010

The Human Interest Post (and the Rose Coat)

Here follows, among hopefully more interesting things, the Costume Mercenary's long and rather repetitive whining about her cold.

I probably caught it at Foreign Fields, that great melting pot of southern plague rats and attractive lrp merchandise. Or maybe this is me not wanting to blame the beautiful, dreaming spires of Oxford for my current state. It seems to have gotten worse since my outing this morning, so wah! 

The first fluttering flakes of snow were probably a sign that we should have stopped, but despite the sensible urgings of the Designer, an unwise stubbornness kept me going ("it can't that that long"). We never got through the backpack full of clothes to be photographed (mostly early elven coat and robe prototypes, including a particularly interesting article in satin) and the snow-clouds obscuring the sun meant a much lower success rate and much blurriness.

All in all, not a successful day.

But a chaplain did tell me he coveted my coat (pictured to the right), which I could but take as an immense compliment.

That said, taking posing in front of a camera even with a cold is still easier than twirling in front of a live audience for the fantasy fashion show at Foreign Fields. I was offered pre-catwalk chocolate, which I was too nervous for. Everyone else seemed to be much more experienced and had such beautiful, beautiful items, including from what I remember a suit of amazing red-and-gold armour, this fantastically 40k-esque dwarven armour and an incredibly adorable hobbit cloak.

The photos were taken in the cloisters at Durham Cathedral (next to last piece of the Harry Potter set still standing - there's an amusing story about that - I"ll tell when more coherence is with me) and by a fascinating monolith of a modern art structure near Prebends Bridge (and not made by Prebends Bridge, as my earlier attempt at sentence construction implied).

Now, I'm going to fall over.

Apologies for inconsistencies, half-finished sentences and other things caused by brain-melting.

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