Monday, 15 February 2010

Foreign Fields Kit Fair

Character Kit and I was there, it was brilliant and we even managed to maintain sanity throughout the quieter hours. There was a great deal of incredibly shiny things, even more friendly people, a zombie makeup demonstration and frothing of many varieties.

I learnt many things, including that trying to break into the cloak market was probably a poor idea (almost all makers of larp kit sell cloaks, of many fine varieties - including an excellent cloak specialist - arguably our brocade lining is unique, but I'm not sure that's enough of a defining feature) and that people really, really like the steampunk coat in blue. Indoor lighting is bad for the firebird cloak (and Sean's shields - see above photo) because instead of a bright, flame red, it becomes the dull orange of tomato soup. I learnt that wooden hangers are truly superior to plastic ones (and have greater structural integrity) and that posing to a crowd is even more difficult than posing in front of a camera (and that it's even possible to be too nervous for chocolate).

Photos from my detour to Oxford's steampunk Exhibition forthcoming, as well as various sketches of impending prototypes.

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