Saturday, 6 February 2010

Prototype: Laced Gambeson

The Laced Gambeson is made from brown faux suede, padded with two layers of cotton and lined with black linen. It's laced up down the front and the sleeves are also laced on. The cotton padding means it very warm (in fact, cotton-padded jackets, usually sandwiched between silk, is the main winter garment in China - it also happens to be a major plot point of War and Beauty).

Being a prototype, there are a number of immediately evident flaws, such as the fact that there are one too few eyelets (brass-coloured) on the sleeve than on the body. This means the lacing can get a little messy (largely negatable through having the bow tied over the extra eyelet - as in the photos). The waist is also a little high and the sleeves a little long on most who have tried it on.

It's difficult to say much more about the Laced Gambeson because it's one of those very functional layer items. It can be worn as padded armour in some systems and unlike the buckled one, it can be comfortably worn under armour.

The Laced Gambeson almost didn't get made and oddly enough is also one of the first items the Mercenary has sold (in a very subtle shade of purple - not pictured - the sleeves of it is just visible in this photo of Jericho Zeal taken by Dan Osbaldeston at a Lions Faction player event of the Lorian Trust larp system), which is probably a lesson in something.

The Laced Gambeson is currently only available in Large brown (as pictured) at Character Kit for £60. The Gambeson is worn over a cream tunic and dark brown trousers that were once available.

The weapons and shields pictured are also available at Character Kit. The man pictured is, indeed, the Proprietor of Character Kit. This was meant to be less gratuitous product placement and more one of those cunning two-birds-one-stone manoeuvres. The Proprietor needed some photos of his shields in action and we needed his large manly frame.

More pictures under the cut.

The elusive designer's hands are glimpsed here. 

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