Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More Sketches, including one of Rose Coat

The weather has been utterly foul: patchy snow on the ground and dark grey skies. The photoshoot scheduled of a silk-lined frock coat and the buckled gambeson has thus been postponed with hope that next week will yield some more photogenic weather.

Thus, the Costume Mercenary has been busy with her paints (and quite taken over the dining table with her sketching)  and here are the better looking results of all that endeavouring. I've been somewhat heartened by the fact that utterly splendid Sandy Powell (responsible for all the gorgeous costumes in The Young Victoria, Interview with a Vampire, the Other Boleyn Girl, Shakespeare in Love, etc...) isn't particularly good at drawing faces. I've also been perusing John Peacock's Men's Fashion: The Complete Sourcebook, and I have to say he's not excessively good with faces either.

My collection of watercolours could hardly be described as sophisticated and up until quite recently, I didn't have purple. Whilst the theoretical possibility of mixing colours was possible, it seemed a daring and rather daunting prospect, especially since all colours are mixed on the plastic lid of my colours box (and there they remain - one squidge of colour last seemingly forever, I'm not sure I've ever been halfway through a box before). What this was rambling towards is an excuse for why everything is grey and red.

(Most of the buttons have been coloured in with metallic pens, but it's not something that really shows in the scans.)

Hence it is very likely that none of this would be done up in the colours as pictured, especially as the military-esque ensemble to the right is terrifyingly patriotic (with regard to the fictional nation of Flambard, of Maelstrom). Though really, I should probably be sketching chitons and stolas and togas for the upcoming Odyssey event.

I can't say the pastel shades allegedly fashionable during the late eighteenth century (so John Peacock is trying to convince me) would find market with the modern live roleplayer, but I have this odd itch to attempt some sketches.

The Red Rose Coat was the first practice sketch, drawn from the coat itself rather than the other way around. I'm curiously proud of it.

Due to the fact there isn't much more to say, cue inconsequential and irrelevant anecdote:

The Designer, myself and another gentleman were locked out of the house the other day after a photoshoot. The Designer found some die at the bottom of the pocket (a d6 and a d10) and thus began the game in which we played telepathic radioactive dinosaurs in an apocalyptic future..... 

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