Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Steampunk Gentleman Adventurer

These are hopefully the last photos that need to be done of the Steampunk Coat. Admittedly, we are still several test tubes short of fully loading up the coat to its full capacity and there are certainly more flattering possibilities for it. But at present, here are some photos showing on one of my unsuspecting male victims.

Here, this rather distinguished gentleman inventor-adventurer is holding a replica American derringer (made incidentally, by Denix, a Historical Replica Firearms manufacturer) and a sword cane.

There was a wonderfully manic expression on this gentleman during the course of the photoshoot, but sadly, due to the rather poor quality of the light and the shaking hands of the mercenary (from the cold) all that remains of it are some blurry images (under the cut for the curious).

The blue steampunk coat, as with the red, is made of a cotton velvet. It has dark silver buttons, eyelets, d-rings and buckles instead of brass ones and is matched to a blue-and-grey trim that bears a simple repeating geometric design. The buckles, incidentally, are slightly bigger (and less square) than those on the red and brass counterpart.

Funnily enough, we still have yet to realise the original green and brown conception of the coat. The real limitation is the trim, since it's really rather unlikely that we'll ever come to use three thousand yards, custom trim is out the question and scavenging the stock of Sham Shui Po is not always a fruitful endeavour. Finding thin, blue and silver trim took several long days. The ideal green and gold trim has yet to present itself (funnily enough, I have a  two inch sample of one that bears a paisley pattern that I was briefly very taken with).

The Blue Steampunk Coat is currently available in Small, Medium and Large at Character Kit for £180.00. It's also available in Red, here.

More photos under the cut.

And here is the blurry manically grinning photo.

I really should have dusted off my terribly dashing fingerless gloves and worn them. The camera is allegedly anti-shaking, but even Science! cannot save such things from the Mercenary's incompetence.

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