Tuesday, 5 January 2010

One Photo with a Horse and Five without

This is one of the two photographs that has a horse in it from today's photoshoot. It seems appropriate to start with this one as we were by the Old Club House of the Hong Kong Jockey Club (Bees River, Hong Kong). Due to a series of not very interesting but complicated coincidences, the photos ended up being done there.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for all the suggestions in that directions, we were unable to get any shots of me on a horse sidesaddle, skirts spread out and all. However, we did manage to nip one next to this horse. Unfortunately, no more horses will be appearing in the following photos.

The horses at the riding school are all retired racehorses (presumably the less insane ones) and have fetching names like "Colourful Era" and "Try Your Best." There was one named "Master of Shavers" which we couldn't make much sense of, but perhaps he once raced for someone who in the shaving equipment manufacture industry.

The day was overcast, to say the least and the light left a lot to be desired. The flash was the only resort a some points.

Two and a half hundred photographs were taken, which as always, need to be sorted through and will make it onto the web over the course of the next week or so.

The Big Red Bag which has served me well for the past few photoshoots decided to break (the plastic zip just gave up working). It has served faithfully, but not well.

The full preview (read: more photos) under the cut...

What would you like to see posted more of?

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