Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Elven Robes Once More

Yet another airing of the elven wardrobe. This time, bow in hand, showing the slightly more martial possibilities (compared to the last, more demure photos), I suppose. In terms of garments, there's not much new on display except for the prototype elven tunic. The tone is, admittedly, quite different and hopefully shows a little bit the versatility of the garments. The lady elf pictured is wearing the prototype elven tunic, an elven robe and in some of the shots, a Forest Cloak. Better discussion of the garments are on their individual pages, so I won't speak exhaustively about them here. I suppose the question posed is: How well does it all work together?

These photos were taken just outside Ha Wong Yi Au Village in Tai Po, where there stands this rather regal banyan tree. Loretta, wonderful as always, is behind the camera and throughout these photos is her stern reminder: Stop smiling. Elves don't smile.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it's one of those remarks that triggers quite the opposite.

As said in the preview, the bow held is one I bought in a streetside costume stall several years ago (on Hong Kong's famous "Steps" Street - or by its proper name, Pottinger Street). Due to it not being designed to be pulled back, it's really rather heavy. Or perhaps I'm just that wussy.

What do you think? Does it all work together as an outfit? Are the colours toning? Ranger, elf or silly oriental bint in an green cloak?

More photos of it all under the cut.

The Forest Cloak is availiable at Character Kit for £75. The Elven Robes are available in two colours, gold and green, also at Character Kit for £75. The Mercenary is also happy to take on orders for variations on such themes on similar prices. Do email her with your suggestions and requests.

In other news: I'm back in cold, cold England now, with a suitcase full of kit so hopefully in the next week or so, Character Kit should be seeing an update and the kit will finally be seen resting on manly shoulders (as per original intentions and less seeming narcissism). We have a number of exciting new things to show (as well as peddle in due course) as well as a handful of prototypes (including a padded arming jacket in purple).

The Costume Mercenary will be dragging part of her wares to the Unconventional Market. Her exciting adventure of frame-construction, train-catching and luggage-hauling may well be chronicled here.

Link I envy: Far far more beautiful photography and costumes than myself.

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