Monday, 12 July 2010

Steampunk Shirts in Black and White

The White Steampunk Shirt, perhaps unsurprisingly, is a white and brown version of the black steampunk shirt prototype. It's made from white linen and dark brown faux suede. The buckle and eyelets are brass instead of gunmetal grey. The two rows of ruffles are wider than in the original.

The Designer feels that the entire cuff should be made of dark brown faux suede instead of just the straps, so the next run may be that way instead.

The new black prototype was last seen worn under the Green Steampunk Coat by the Proprietor. It's very much like the original except that there are three buckles on the cuff instead of two. As we scaled up the original prototype to a large, it was felt that two buckles looked a little too sparse and the third buckle was added back in.

Both colours of Steampunk Shirt are currently available in Large from Character Kit for £30.

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