Sunday, 1 August 2010

Egyptian Robe without Sash

Also known as a Kalsiris, this Egyptian Robe is made from a white lightly-woven linen. It is of very basic construction, can be worn with a sash or without. It has been described as very comfortable by the Proprietor but he also faults it for giving the wearer an odd funerary feeling of being prepared for immanent burial.

Despite the seeming photoshop effect, the strange cast to the photo on the left is caused by an inadvertent fumble on the part of the Designer (here acting as photographer) and not allowing the camera to compensate for the sudden shift in light conditions. The Designer also thought it an excellent idea to pose by the nearby River Wear, hoping to evoke the famous Nile.

The Egyptian Robe is available from Character Kit at £25.

The Proprietor is seen wielding his new Chinese Jian (£50) in the photos and the Mercenary is seen sporting a lapis lazuli necklace and beaded sandals (there is a surfeit of Odyssey-worthy sandals this fashion season). Large amounts of kohl eye liner was also applied.

More photos of the kalsiris under the cut.

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