Monday, 9 August 2010

Tudor Loose Robe

The Tudor Loose Robe is made from a thick textured cotton fabric in a dark navy blue. It's lined in gold stretch silk and is edged in ribbon of the same colour.

The robe has shoulder wings and classic Tudor hanging sleeves. For all our mimicry of the shape, the Mercenary confesses that it probably isn't historically accurate and whilst we'd love make costume for reenactment, we'd probably only just pass the six-feet-and-squinting standards.

It was among some of the Mercenary's earlier efforts, but for one reason or another it never quite made it onto the blog or onto Character Kit.

The Tudor gown is available from Character Kit for the prototype cost of £80. If you would like to commission one in similar materials it would cost in the region of £100. The Tudor gown is worn with the Blue Tudor dress in the photos.

More photos of the Tudor Gown under the cut.

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