Sunday, 8 August 2010

Another Swirly Coat

It was originally concieved of as a cutaway coat with large lapels (as was apparantly fashionable in late 18th Century), but the lines softened over redrawings and it became what it is now.

Unlike the other coat, the pattern on this one is intentional. The coat's lush black plush fabric is subtle but lush and rather elegant.  It is also lined in black stretch silk and is fastened with hooks and eyes with large decorative brass buttons.

These photos were taken inside the keep of the beautiful Warkworth Castle, which tragically was not ideally lit.

(Tragically, not very many photos remain of the rather memorable test shoot with the completely over the top aviator glasses the night before due to a missing memory card. But a couple are under the cut nonetheless.)

The prototype has been sold. If you would like to commission one in similar materials it would cost in the region of £90-100.

More photos of the coat under the cut.

Test photos from the night before:


  1. It's Agent Mustang! :D

    A small child once attended Tempus Fugitive, when your model was playing a time guide. One of the other time guides approached the child, who was close to tears, to ask them what was wrong.

    The answer? "I'm afraid of Agent Mustang's hair..."

  2. I believe he was told repeatedly he needs to buy the coat off me for Time Agent purposes...

    I have yet to be strangled by his hair in my sleep. That is all I have to say.


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