Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Red and Black Zone Front Gown

Inspired by the many zone front gowns worn by Kirsten Dunst in the film Marie Antoinette, such as the Portrait Gown and the Trianon Party. Given that I'm lounging in the ruins of a bakehouse, this could hardly be called a Robe de Court, though there is something decadent about a birthday picnic amid a ruined castle (the Hermitage of ballad fame wasn't accessible that day for want of a ferryman).

It is also rather gothic, though it is the Percys' other ducal residence that got the gothic reworking.

The gown is made from a red and black cotton velveteen and is edged in black cotton lace. The large brass rose buttons leftover from the green and purple brocade Riding Coat was used.

The compere front gown is worn over this black lace dress instead of a chemise, which is really very inaccurate, but the colours work well together.

That's the Lion Tower of Warkworth Castle visible in the background against the dramatic clouds. With the exception of the "wistful" shot (that's the Designer's words, not mine), there's a shortage of photos showing the front and details of the fabric. These were the last photos we did that day and with the waning light and the desire to explore the castle at our heels, I'm not feeling too guilty for the lack.

To commission a similar coat-dress from the Mercenary would cost in the region of £50.

More photos of the red and black zone front gown under the cut.

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