Saturday, 28 August 2010

Outtakes: Many Less than Dignified Moments

The Elder One (otherwise known as Carrie) said once that bloopers can give a much better idea as to how one'd look in the costumes whilst larping. Elves might not smile, but players do. I have fond memories of one larp event in which the very serious, whispered scheming that went on amidst periodic midge-swatting, as the players maintained their very serious, whispered tones and shifty expressions.

So with that in mind and with the goal of mild amusement, some outtakes from the more recent costume mercenary photoshoots, under the cut.

Of course, the more "serious" versions of these photos can be found in the costume index.


When you zoom out of that extremely cool photo I led with Green Steampunk Coat post...

"Doctor, why can you not dress yourself?"

The life of the assistant is surprisingly unglamourous. 

She raises her eyebrow to the Doctor's desire to shoot sideways.

In which being a sexy dragon lady is surprisingly comedic.

It seemed like such a good idea at the time...

"I'm a Mary Sue, I don't have to aim..."


Calm and peaceful thoughts, the photographer said...

Photographer: "Right, now pretend it's a penis..."

Mirroring the statue behind...

Windswept is not always a good look...

Overwhelmed by the sheer lilac-ness of his "thistle grey" gambeson, the Proprietor takes to sniffing flowers.

The Mercenary busy with some last minute gambeson lacing.

... and then, to Victory!

Those cuffs seemed like such a good idea at the time...

The Shadow lies in ambush.

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  1. :D again, I really like these. Especially the first one- the expression is hilarious.


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