Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Red Velvet Steampunk Tailcoat

The Steampunk Tailcoat is made from a deep red stretch velvet and a red-on-red brocade of a lighter shade. The entire garment is lined in stretch silk. Brocade revers with decorative brass buttons adorn the slit at the back as well as the cuff and lapel.

The design of the coat is almost identical to the other tailcoat, due to both of them being the same commission going slightly wrong in different ways. This was the first, but due to a misunderstanding the wrong type of velvet was used and I have an extra coat on my hands. A second coat was made in time, but the customer consequently changed her mind and a third is now in the works.

The Steampunk Tailcoat would fit a UK size 10-12 and you can purchase this ready-made one at the discounted cost of £75. You can find it here on Character Kit.

The coat is worn with a white linen shirt with little brass four-screw buttons and two rows of ruffles. It is the same shirt that was worn under the Steampunk Apron Dress.

There's probably a lesson here about doing photos at the end of the day when the light is fading and both model and photographer are tired. That only a handful of a hundred and fifty are fit for the blog is probably a new low.

To commission a similar coat from the Mercenary would cost in the region of £85-90.

A couple more photos of the steampunk tailcoat under the cut.

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  1. Do you make a shorter version of the Red Rose Coat or Red Velvet Tailcoat? I would love it. Karen


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