Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Dragonscales, Cogs and Filigree: Buttons from my Desk

Perhaps it's because I could never quite escape that fact that the Steampunk Coat would never have existed were it not for the cog-and-screw buttons, but at any given point in time, there's usually a dozen or so (significantly more today) buttons on my desk.

It's always a happy coincidence when various symbols meaningful in larp (chaos symbols, aquila, wings, suns...) crop up on buttons and zipper pulls, but sometimes, I'm looking button simply thinking that it should be on something but I'm not sure what. Most of these, in fact, don't end up on a prototype or even a commission. I'm half hoping that that the vaguely drafted plans for generic-but-not-quite shirts, waistcoats and coats will give me an opportunity to use some of the above on cuffs and collars. Also on the drawing board are some high medieval designs, revolve around using rows of buttons as decoration.

Of course, if you like the look of anything, drop me a line.

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