Thursday, 20 May 2010

Prototype: The Inquisitor's Greatcoat

Once more, I play clothes horse to article of clothing was in no way designed to fit me. The Inquisitor's Coat is sized to fit the Proprietor (our archetypal Large) and it is almost a surprise that I'm not completely drowning in it woolly embrace. I suspect it's the shoulderpads (for what Warhammer 40k inspired clothing could possibly do without?) give the illusion of the coat being slightly less huge on me than it would otherwise be. Hopefully, when I rejoin the Proprietor in Merry England, he can be persuaded to model the coat.

The Inquisitor's Coat features the brass Aquila Buttons throughout (see under the cut for a closeup). It is made out of a very thick black wool and lined in a bright red stretch silk.

A blue-black silk-cotton shirt and a dark blue stretch silk skirt with black lace is worn under the coat. This rather clashes with the bright red of the lining and the overall effect leaves a lot to be desired. The lack of suitable weaponry (such as a BFG), accessories and bionics rather leave the ensemble in the realm of low fantasy, but perhaps the reader can use their imagination and imagine the character as an Acolyte from a ╬╝-class world.

Of course, there are many other concepts which would work with the coat, such as a witch-hunter, a gentleman robber or a highwayman, but perhaps we shall elaborate on that when we've pulled together some example outfits and arranged them on the Proprietor.

Very much in its infancy in terms of development (the sketch first appearing in this post some months ago as the "Highwayman's Coat"), I could point to any number of imperfections. Both collars as well as the cuffs can do be being more exaggerated. In retrospect, it could also do with more pockets. I'm toying with a version with giant cuffs that have dagger-loops on them. Perhaps when it comes out of prototype, we shall shall even see it in a number of more daring colours. Or make the collars and cuffs in red as well as the lining.

This was not exactly the easiest of photoshoots. The fact that it was going to be almost impossible for me to look good in a coat two sizes too big for me was of course a contributing factor, but the damp, heavy heat and lack of any decent backdrop made it all the more difficult. Loretta remarked that it was more than ever like being on America's Next Top Model where photos are always done out of season, but I can't say I approve.

This rather intimidating greatcoat prototype should be available at Character Kit at the beginning of next month for £150. Other colours, sizes and buttons available on commission, do email the Mercenary for more details.

Update: The Inquisitor's Greatcoat is now available at Character Kit for the prototype price of £130.

More photos under the cut.


  1. I thought it might interest you to know that the centre picture of the second row currently shows up on page 9 of a Google image search for "aquila 40k" (not that I can possibly think of a reason why I might have been googling that :)

  2. Quick! Use the word aquila more!


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