Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Gentleman's Wardrobe

I'm finally getting around to sorting through and posting the photos from the last photoshoot we did.

This ensemble was made for the model's Maelstrom character some years ago. The colour scheme largely stems from the character's patriotic fervour (though the waistcoat is more of a lilac than a purple).

The coat is made from a wool-linen blend in forest green. The buttons are painted wood rather than brass, though they do look nicely solid. The lilac brocade waistcoat bears a paisley-like pattern. It bears matching buttons. The breeches are made from a thin wool suiting in light grey. The white linen shirt with a standing collar and mother-of-pearl buttons is basic in design. Its sleeves are puffed, but only in moderation.

The white stockings worn are improvised from a pair of old tights. They seem to stay up only by the power of roleplay as they mysteriously and unfailingly slip whenever the gentleman in question wandered onto the Out of Character field. It has been theorized that this could be due to a change in the way he walked in and out of character.

The photo to the right has been remarked upon as not unsuited to being the promotional image for some BBC historical miniseries. I spent far too long wondering what sort of witty caption to give up, but I confess, I've got nothing. 

In Other News: Formal apologies from the Costume Mercenary for misspelling "Aquila" in the previous post. I have been since branded a heretic and the post has been duly corrected.

More photos under the cut.

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