Saturday, 17 April 2010

Preview: Excursion about Durham

This was the first excursion with the borrowed tripod. The Mercenary's camera is still missing, so we had to borrow one. We were a rather larger adventuring party than normal and for a change, we aren't deficient in the testosterone for the male costumes.

The Designer thinks the ash from the volcano has made the sunlight more diffuse. The Designer wrestling with the tripod was fascinating to watch, but not conducive to maintaining a relatively serious expression.

Aside from the Durham University Science Site, we had no specific itinerary. We were simply wandering through Durham and posing next to interesting buildings and catching the light wherever we can. This is quite the greatest number of locations we've used in one day. We took a good number behind Old Shire Hall (the red brick building in the photo to the left, which used to be the University's office), by the proverbial "cardiac" Hill (on which the Biology department squats), Old Durham Baths (abandoned and boarded up now, apparently once had an illegal rave in it) and a stream on the footpath by Prebends Bridge.

Due to it being a Saturday, we pretty much had the arse end of the various science departments to ourselves and we had all the warning signs, suspicious barrels, fire escapes, large black pipes and air vents - we were planning for a cyberpunk shoot but the frilly shirt on the man seemed to have shifted it to steampunk, possibly even pirate.

Hopefully in the coming days I'll be posting more pictures of the steampunk swordsman (top) and the distinguished gentleman in the green coat, as well as a gormless peasant and lady in a variety of dresses (including the velvet dress to the right).


  1. LOVE the photo with the velvet dress among the flowers- looks like something out of Waterhouse.

    Where is the first photo from? Is it from around the side of Grey College, as you're heading up Grey High? Looks unusually urban by Durham's usual standards.

  2. First photo was taken behind one of the science site buildings. Probably Chemistry.


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