Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Steampunk Designs Poll

The Mercenary and the Designer have been playing around with various designers for some time now and we've been debating which ones should go into prototype. We're excited about many of these ideas and it's unlikely that we'll have time to realise all of them.

This being the world of tomorrow and instant communications, a poll seems to be an obvious answer to such dilemmas. Therefore please click onwards, dear reader!

Which of the Steampunk Sketches should we make a prototype of? free polls

See under the cut for further descriptions and pictures.

Also, if you're interested in commissioning these designs or version of these designs, do email the Costume Mercenary and ask for a quote.

I'd love to hear any feedback and discussion on the designs. The ideas are still largely in flux and the sketches don't necessarily reflect design choices that would be made further along the line between now and cutting the fabric.

Update: When I said late next week, what I meant was mid-June, it seems. But the first glimpse of the Steampunk Buckle Dress (more snazzy name needed) can be seen in the Ambush Valley photoshoot preview.

Buckle Corset - suede or leather underbust corset-like top, with large brass buckles.

Mesh Skirt - panelled skirt with mesh or gauze between the gaps. Likely to be soft and fine.

(Further rambling on these two designs here.)
Military Coat with Lacing - coat with braiding or trim to echo a military style and decorative lacing. Silver buttons and long decorated slit. We're hoping for be striking and much more dramatic than the numerous military-esque jackets that have been floating about mainstream fashion. 

Double-Breasted Riding Coat - two-tiered caped redincote, double-breasted design. Echoing the design of the Red Rose Coat in the sketch, but likely to be different in materials and colour when it hits prototype. 

Dress with Excessive Eyelets and Lacing - Two linen dresses overlaid in two contrasting colours with many eyelets and lacing. Drawn in the concept sketch with a belt. 
Buckle Dress with Triangle Cutouts - seen to the left, probably to be realised with jewel tones and brass buckles. Considering velvet or a stiff coarse-weave silk.

(Further rambling on this dress here, when it was first posted.)


  1. Oh god theres so many nice options I can't pick.

  2. Buckle dress with triangle cut-outs, hands down. Followed by the military knockout and the double-breasted riding coat.


  3. The military coat dress is gorgeous.

  4. Echoing Lapis, except the military is my first choice.

  5. Thank you for all the feedback! Very flattered. The Buckle Dress (still needing a better name) has won. I was picking clothing out for it just today, but watch this space? I don't have nearly enough good ideas to just discard sketches just out of hand and I did see a lovely brocade that would do very nicely for the Military.

  6. Just a quick update to say that the Buckle Dress is almost done and if all goes well, we may have photos late next week.


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