Thursday, 17 June 2010

Preview: Down into Ambush Valley

Due to the rather excellent weather, there was another lengthy midday photoshoot, though this time, we rather more ambitiously wandered over to Ambush Valley. To the more mundane, it is known (or rather it is part of) Pelaw Wood. It is along one of the common linear routes used by our local live roleplay system. The name comes from  the rather steep sides of the valley which make it the perfect ambush location.

The dress pictured to the right is the prototype of the long-awaited Steampunk Buckle Dress, from the Steampunk Designs Poll three months ago. It has a number of flaws, which I shall innumerate in its own post (such as velvet and buckles interfacing poorly), but overall the effect is rather fine.

Perhaps due to the location, the gentlewoman highwayman does emerge as a theme in these photos. My lovely model seems to look like she's about to drop the damsel in distress act and shoot someone in the face, whilst shouting Stand and Deliver! It could simply be my rather extensive acquaintance with the characters she plays, but I rather liked that aspect of the photos.

The Designer told me off many times when we were reviewing the photos (around six hundred of them) for having the sun in the wrong position. It appears that I've gotten too used to the hazy, diffuse sunlight of overcast British springs and smoggy Hong Kong days, where the light-sources-behind-the-camera rule need not be as strictly enforced. Or so runs my excuse.

Over the next few days, I hope to be posting photos of a purple gown with gold brocade underskirt, a very gothic black lace dress, a grey and lilac elven outfit, the Steampunk Buckle Dress and a scarlet fantasy dress... yes, it was rather a long day.

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