Monday, 21 June 2010

Nerd East! A Lengthy Illustrated Ramble about the Event

Nerd East was a lot of fun, and not simply for purely mercenary reasons (it's in the name). The Proprietor and myself were downstairs, which was notably more quiet (especially with Cutting Edge's absence due to an unfortunate van situation).

We happened to be in the room where Durham University Treasure Trap runs its tavern nights. It did briefly feel weird that we were there during the day, that I wasn't covered in green facepaint and there weren't Norscan raiders after my blood. The other thing I can't seem to get used to is people recognising me from the Internet. It's still rather surreal and a little sorry to the lovely people I babbled incoherently at. Though this shouldn't stop you from saying "hi", I really do appreciate it.

There was general amazement at student union bar prices. There was affability and effusiveness from all. All the stalls were full of interesting things and friendly people. This knight from the Fools and Heroes stall had the most brilliant costume and I couldn't stop admiring it. The Designer keeps making noises about going in the near future.

Julie's Monster Claws (available through Character Kit) are unspeakably amazing. The photo on Character Kit simply does not do its sheer size and bulk and monstrosity justice.

We kept talking about doing a troll photoshoot with them to demonstrate their enormity, but until then, we have a photo of Julie with them on. They do make everyone look like they have massive gorilla arms. (Yes, for the eagle-eyed, she's wearing a slightly shorter version of the Red Rose Coat with Aquila buttons.)

I met some lovely players whose live roleplay system organiser who bought two pairs of the claws. They were rather understandably regarding this knowledge with deep suspicion and worries about the mortality of future characters.

There was Cogs and Bones, a new steampunk (well, technically dark gaslamp sci-fi, according to their website) larp that's starting up. It's rather promising and rather ambitious, so go peer at its brassy depths.

No photo can really convey the sheer quantity of weapons that Eldritch showed up with. Suffice to say they were awesome and everyone else appeared to have thought so due to the three empty mailbags at the end of the day. He's apparently been playing NeoSteam and has made some really cool-looking (and wacky) weapons from it.

Cities in Darkness, an independent society running four interlinked Vampire the Requiem games in the North East (Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Durham, Darlington) was also present.

To those who were there, what did you make of it?

Afternote: If you would rather your photo doesn't appear here, drop me an email and I'll take it off the post.

More photos under the cut.

Eldritch behind his barricade of weapons.

The rather imposing representative from the system of the benighted cities.

Splendid people, who I believe were pimping a steampunk system that's going into playtest shortly, but the name of it escapes my sieve-brain (if you're reading this, remind me?).

Aggressive sales tactics.

People. There were some.

Apparently, the team from Imaginative Minds who run Phoenix Overlord. I managed to completely miss them during in a fit of blindness and am gawking at the sheer brilliance of their kit now in photos.

The Welcome Desk with DUTT's good Treasurer and finally a photo of the girl in her own dress..

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