Thursday, 3 June 2010

Commission: The Banner of the Teacher and other Maelstromic Rambles

It's the day before Cavalcade (the year's second Maelstrom event, a live-roleplay system run by Profound Decisions). Most of this household attends (and plays) so... chaos ensues.

There are various bits of kit due to be delivered to their respective new owners tomorrow (my fretting, I shall not delve further into, but suffice to say I'm more than ever aware of the imperfections of each piece), among them is the banner to the left.

Those familiar with Maelstrom have probably already seen this banner's earlier incarnation on the cover of the event materials of Provocation not so long ago. For a number of reasons, a more "bling" version is now called for. Though I do miss the stark simplicity of the black and white one. I was there for the now iconic original's impressive last-minute creation at around 4am in the morning from white sheeting, iron-on transfer paper and a walking stick.

This one, however, was made from the same curtain brocade as the Reverend Oriana's vestments. The yellow (gold?) velvet ribbon that trims the banner is also the same as that on the vestments. The sun and its background are done from stretch silk and there's another blank square on the back for the footnote. Elder Carrie painted the text "Hell Shall Tremble" herself with fabric paint onto white linen.

The photo is taken indoors, so the colours seems somewhat muted. Hopefully, I'll get a photo of it held by the Reverend Magistrate Oriana Krikorovna Vladivieva (Envoy to Hell on behalf of His Holiness the Hierophant) herself tomorrow.

In Other News: I really shouldn't be reading "Thou Art Understood!" Ch'ing Court Communication as Reflected in the Palace Memorials, but this most excellent book with lengthy excerpts from real historical letters reads like a compendium of Maelstrom downtime communications. And is hence hilarious.

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  1. I don't mean to be offensive in posting this, but did you realize that your depiction of the sun looks a lot like the Star of David that Hitler forced Jewish citizens of Germany, and other countries he conquered, to wear during the Holocaust? Here is a link to some information about the Star of David:

    Thanks for your time- Dashboardpirate


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