Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pictures Lost and Found: Burgundy Velvet Gown

Whilst sorting through older photos for the Costume Index, I discovered that I hadn't actually fully posted the photos from that lengthy Durham Excursion. So here is the first of those...

The overgown is made of silk velvet (the same velvet as the Sirius Black Housecoat), edged with black-and-gold jacquard trim (with a swirly, somewhat leafy pattern) and is largely unlined.

For all it's pretensions, this isn't the Plum Pirate Gown from the first (and some say only) Pirates of the Caribbean film. The colour is more of a burgundy than a plum, but this largely depends on the whims of the onlooker.

The shape and the front fastening down the middle of the bodice with hooks and eyes owes quite a bit to the costume in question, but a shift in materials (from the original shot silk to silk velvet), a dispensing of much of the detail and a general failure to bustle up the skirt means the resemblance is only passing to the "elaborate, exquisitely detailed plum-colored silk dress with black lace insets, brocaded accents, cream linen-and-lace sleeves and full-length black skirt" that Elizabeth Swan wore.

The dress is worn over a white linen underdress (that looks nothing like the Rum Island Shift) and a black lace skirt (worn with a number of dresses, including the Black Velvet Coat with Embroidered Lining and the Purple Polonaise).

Rather sunbleached photos aside, I'm rather pleased with this dress.

More photos under the cut.

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