Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Odyssey Concept Sketches: Persia

Again, the sifting through the archives for the purposes of index-creation has lead to the discovery that I hadn't posted all the Odyssey costume concept sketches I had done.

Once more for the readers that don't follow the UK live roleplay scene, Profound Decisions is starting up a new fest system this August. It's setting is a fantastical mirror of the Classical world.

The sketch to the left was drawn shortly after watching the film A Night with the King, set in biblical Persia. The rather over the top trim along the collar seems to make some think of Egypt, but the drape at the waist is quite decidedly decorated with the Tree of Life. It is also very, very purple, which is also the especially favoured colour of Persias.

The costume of the warleader to the right features tasselled fringing along its paisley-pattered surcoat, bright colours, volumous trousers and an exotic hat. I was rather dubious about the hat, but the Designer insisted at all his research apparently indicated a great passion for strange hats in the distant lands of Persia.* The warleader pictured is also wearing armour made of leather plates and leather vambraces.

It is also around this point that I notice I hadn't drawn any Persian women, so perhaps I'll be able to find time after Nerd East to scribble something.


* Our opinion on Persia hats is not at all influenced by the fact that once upon a time there was a character named Hatef with a demonic hat at the Durham-run event about the Immortal God-King of Persia.

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