Friday, 16 April 2010

A Simple Green Dress

We've lost the camera and spent two hours solidly looking for it (many theories, but current favourite is that Maelstrom ate it). Not to miss the dregs of what would have been a rather splendid day for photography, we did a few in the garden with a camera-phone. We certainly couldn't try out the tripod/space-laser we borrowed (it bears a slight resemblance - the day it arrived we spent a good evening pointing it at each other, posing dramatically and snarling lines from generic science fiction).

The dress itself is very simple. It's made of a dark teal linen, long sleeves, high-ish waisted and with deep pleats along the back. It was last seen worn under this green and purple riding gown. It takes cues from the most recent Pride and Prejudice film, though unlike those gowns it doesn't reach the floor in length.

I'm also wearing one of those tiny brass pendant watches on a long chain. Due to being excessively fiddly, they don't make clockwork versions of these watches (I bought them in as samples back when my contact assured me that they did them in clockwork as well).

In some ways it's not really a costume dress (though I think it was worn to a few times as kit). It seems strange to confess that I just wear it around the house due to it being quite comfortable. A little like Jane Burden Morris but with less scandalising the neighbours by doing tapestry in long flowing pseudo-medieval dresses (but probably with as much historical accuracy when it comes to the actual garment).

I suppose we were going for a sort of barefoot-and-carefree look for the photos, but it's difficult to achieve that with a large field to frolic in. And a large floppy straw hat.

Should you too wish to indulge in such a silly bohemian fancy, a similar dress would cost £35-40 to commission from the Costume Mercenary.

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